The first half in baseball is usually the first five innings. Our strategy is based on the success of the two starting pinschers, and therefore, other factors, especially those of a more random nature, can be ignored here – for example, the quality of the substitutes and both groups of replacement servers.

Increase your winning odds

The very use of a baseball betting strategy that gives an advantage in the first five innings means that your chances of making a profit on first half betting will be higher than with full-time betting, as there are grounds. Assuming that the line odds are incorrect, it is quite possible that inaccuracies inherent in them will be minimized during subsequent innings, provided that it is not caused by the actions of the substitute server.

It is worth considering that in the second half (the last four innings), the influence of random factors increases that cannot be controlled and which can cause your failures in baseball betting. Games in which equal teams participate (and in national baseball championships, as a rule, there is rarely a clear advantage of one opponent over another), and games in which the forces of opponents are unequal, have completely different character in the second half of the match. The wind is subject to change, player replacements and double pitcher replacements are possible. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to study the already well-known location of the players on the field in a match against a familiar opponent and no longer worry that further developments may affect the results of bets.

In general, this is true for other sports as well. If you know that a team is likely to dominate the early stages of a match (especially during the first five minutes of basketball or 15 minutes of playing football), you can gain a much greater advantage by betting on the outcome of the first half or first quarter of the match. before random forces take over and teams adapt to the pitch, stands, weather, and other changing factors.

Secondary markets in baseball

Another advantage of our strategy is that you can always win by placing your bets on the site on the match in the secondary rather than the main market. As with betting on additional run lines and team totals, you should focus on the first half line by carefully analyzing it.

In reality, bettors are likely to analyze and study the line on which they plan to bet more carefully than bookmakers when forming the same bet line. Bookmakers use a certain formula and hope that the result will be reliable enough, but they cannot afford to deal with atypical bet lines until the players show interest in them and the odds begin to shift towards their “true” values .

This is why you can benefit when the first half line is atypical and different from the money line or team total for the entire match. In the case of such lines, in contrast to the ran lines, there are almost no doubts about the existence of such discrepancies. However, it is still a big question which lines are really important and how beneficial they can be.

Starting pitchers and interchangeable pitchers

The main factor is the difference between the preparation of the starting pitcher and the pitchers coming out to replace him. If there are strong interchangeable pitchers for the team, then it is better to bet on the second half; if a strong starting pitcher starts the game, in most cases betting on the first half of the game should be preferred.

An excellent opportunity to apply a first half betting strategy in baseball is when a strong starting pitcher starts the game and has to be replaced by a weaker replacement pitcher, and vice versa. With the knowledge of how to compensate for this discrepancy, a competent bettor can profit from both betting schemes. Having such an advantage, he will be able to bet on seemingly “fair” lines, and if the line odds are too different from real values, the player will be able to make a profit without taking any risks.

But this will require a guide to help you get an idea of ​​what first half bet lines should look like in baseball. The fact that instead of the standard nine innings, only five counts reduces the likelihood of success for more trained teams. On the other hand, such teams have the advantage of a stronger starting pitcher and a slight mathematical advantage that arises in the event of a draw in the match.

In general, the odds of the teams that are considered the main contenders for the victory in the entire match may be slightly lower than the odds of the teams that are the favorites of the first five innings. The difference is not noticeable until the ratio reaches -150 (1.67), but it becomes more noticeable when this value reaches -200 (1.50).

It is more difficult to place bets on team totals in the first half, as baseball often diverges. Since the difference between 7 and 7.5 is perceived almost the same as the difference between 7.5 and 8.5, it is difficult to form an exact rule of thumb for predicting what the first half total will be, based on the total of the entire match.

We can say that, on average, at the later stages of the match, which include only four remaining innings and a few additional innings, teams earn fewer points than during the first five innings, so there is a high probability that more than half of the runs will be completed in the first half. As a result, the total of the first half will be slightly more than half of the total of the entire game; however, the final value will be generated after all data are corrected to eliminate any inconsistencies.

Calculating profitable odds

The best way to quickly calculate the best odds is to track the evolution of the baseball bet lines offered by Pinnacle or any other bookmaker. Past line betting data can be used as a guide when placing bets on future games. This method can also be used to find out what mood prevails in the market for a particular team. For example, by analyzing the lines that BC Pinnacle has offered for first half bets over two days, you can get the most accurate rating of the corresponding League changeover servers.

Of course, the effectiveness of using data on the bet line is determined by how well the bettor understands the information received and how profitable the odds will be; whether the player will be able to place a bet on his favorite or against the one he doesn’t like; what is the limit and how high is the bookmaker’s margin.

Only bet with the best odds

Bookmaker Pinnacle often offers the best odds for betting on baseball as well as other sports. If in the Pinnacle bookmaker the odds on the bet lines are 50% higher than the values ​​offered by other bookmakers, then the players can place bets on the total and the victory of the teams in the first half with the odds of –105 (a win for a bet of 105 rubles will be 100 rubles); at the same time, in other bookmakers, they would have to play with a coefficient of -110 (the winnings on a bet of 110 rubles would be the same 100 rubles).

Many bettors know that bookmakers offer the best odds on the main line of the match. This rule is true for those bookmakers that traditionally accrue large margins, but if we are talking about companies that provide clients with lower margin levels, in particular, Pinnacle, then here players can find profitable odds for any bets. In addition to placing bets on the initial lines, Pinnacle players can now place low margin bets such as “money line”, bets on one or two teams total, bets on two run lines, bets such as “money line” and first half total.

In addition, if BC Pinnacle offers unmatched odds, and this is reflected in other bet lines, then you can achieve better results by comparing these lines with the offers of other bookmakers. Make the most of all the resources available to you in order to find the best odds that will allow you to profit from every bet you make.

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