In a conversation with VseProSport correspondent Daniil Borozdin, Alexander Emelianenko told in detail how the mutual hostility began, why he had such a great desire to deal with Kharitonov, and due to what victory would be achieved.

The world of Russian mixed martial arts throws us remakes of cooler Hollywood blockbusters. The enmity between Alexander Emelianenko and Sergey Kharitonov flared up with renewed vigor and threatens to lead to their second face-to-face confrontation. The possibility of a fight is already being seriously discussed.

“Kharitonov thinks I have nothing to say about him? Yes there is something, I just do not climb ”

How does the story of the conflict with Kharitonov really begin?

We didn’t have any conflict. We worked and trained together. Kharitonov came to me, lived at my house. We made our debut at one tournament and prepared for it together. Everything was fine.

Then I learned that the promoters cheat us for money. He said this to Kharitonov, but he was dependent on them, he was enrolled in some military school (Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School – Approx. “VseProSport”). They offered him to move to another organization, but he was afraid that I would not succeed.

Then my brother and I had a normal relationship. We started working with other people, and Kharitonov stayed with the previous promoters. One of the main ones was the late Pogodin. There were many incomprehensible people who played no role. They simply took a percentage and traveled abroad for free with the fighters.

Was the contact broken even then?

The promotion even forbade him to just communicate with us: to see, to call. In Japan, at the market for Europeans, Fedya and I met Kharitonov with friends. They look, squint – and move on. They don’t even say hello. Three of us – me, Fedya and Kharitonov – got up and talk.

I say: “Khariton, tell me honestly: do these friends of yours forbid to communicate with us?” He replies: “San, well, good, stop.” Then he agreed: “Yes, they are against. They don’t want me to talk to you. ” They shout to him: “Seryozha! Seryozha! ” He ran.

Have you communicated since then?

No. He had his own life, I had my own. Then at some point he started calling Fedya. Even if you watch the cutscene of my fight with him, you can see that I’m like a stepping stone to my brother. Kharitonov started shouting that he was the next Pride champion: he would organize a fight, beat Fedya.

Pogodin had good relations with the organizers. Everyone understood that Kharitonov was good at defending himself against a fight, knew Fedya, and was much superior to him in stance. They began to lead them to battle. I told Fedya: “Let me fight.” After summoning Kharitonov, they had nowhere to go.

If he beat me then, the next fight would be with Fedya. If I had not fought, their fight would have taken place too. But I knocked out Khariton, and he calmed down, stopped making statements and disappeared. Even in Japan, they walked around with sad faces. No more calls were received from them.

But the silence eventually ended

Yes. Some time passed, and Kharitonov again began to beat himself in the chest with nothing. Shouted: “I will beat Alexander.” Does he think I have nothing to say about him? Yes there is something, I just do not climb. And everyone thinks that Emelianenko is a brawler and gossip.

I listen, listen, listen. Then once I will answer these endless statements – and everyone says: “Oh, Emelianenko is so and so.” And I sit, endure and answer when everything gets boring. I do not provoke anyone, I do not “jump” at anyone. I slowly go about my business, and everything works out for me.

“I gave my consent, now it’s up to this diva – Kharitonov”

How likely is it that the fight will take place?

I posted on my page a statement by Kharitonov, where he says that he will meet with Alexander Emelianenko in the ring to resolve the conflict. There is no need to find out anything here. You just have to go out – and for all the negativity, for all the nasty things, I will beat Khariton very hard. I have a dislike for him.

I just know him very well. He’s a traitor, boy-girl. Where the wind blows, there it turns. Where he is comfortable, he runs there. A person without opinion and inner core. He lives according to circumstances, to please, according to the principle “A friend is dear to me, but my belly is dearer to me.”

At what stage are the negotiations now?

I talked to the organizers of the ACA league. Both them and many others are very interested in this fight. This will be the most anticipated match in Russia. He needs neither advertising nor the introduction of the fighters. I gave my consent, now it’s up to this diva – Kharitonov. It is necessary that he be persuaded to enter the ring so that he does not get scared, prepare himself and do not immediately fall.

I said: “Khariton, I’m ready.” Both he and I gave their preliminary consent to this fight. Now I just need to organize this fight so that I beat him again, sending him to sleep according to the rules of MMA.

Why did Kharitonov not fight a year ago, when Kamil Hajiyev was ready to organize a fight and pay 10 million to each?

Hajiyev said that this fight is being done for the poster, each fighter costs completely different money, and the approach will be individual. He was ready to move and increase the amount depending on the requests. I told Camil that I agree. And Kharitonov jumped off.

Then Khryunov found a million and offered to give it to the winner. I am also not a beginner fighter who counts on being lucky. Coolly and prudently I approach this. There is a price for which I enter the ring. I don’t need a million, let’s cut it in half. We have unforeseen circumstances: slash, other accidents.

It turns out that this option is not suitable?

I’m ready to even play roulette. Whoever wins takes a million. Whoever loses leaves with a broken muzzle. But he jumps off here too, shouting that everyone should get a million. Where if he has not earned that kind of money in his entire life? I understand that the appetite grows with eating, but it is not worth the money.

It will be interesting for everyone to watch Khariton beating me. For the fact that he comes out and rakes off that kind of money? Khariton, get down to the ground, and so they come to meet you from all sides. And he is still flying somewhere to heaven. The higher you fly, the more you burn yourself. It should be simpler.

Is the current trash in the direction of Kharitonov just genuine dislike or is it also a PR move?

I’m telling you: I don’t respect him either as a person or as a fighter. I consider him to be … n, the very last person. He is a traitor, an abomination that can be your friend today, and tomorrow they will show him something from the other side – and he will move there.

He will scream that he is doing well there, and the previous ones were crappy. I don’t like the way he speaks, behaves. A person does not deserve respect after his parasitic lifestyle.

Did his phrase about “button heroes”, in which many saw the leadership of the Akhmat club, play a role?

Haven’t even seen this quote. Yes, he is an asshole, he just takes and insults people. I am supported not only by the sports world and my environment, but also by the inhabitants. People come, and he pours dirt on them. Well, ******* (idiot) doesn’t think with his head and blathers.

Then he stands, apologizes. A stupid person who cannot think. Well, what are the button heroes? Was it “rinsed” on the Internet? He was told: “Seryozha, come out.” Kamil spoke, Khryunov spoke – and everything is not enough for him. So he is good, and all the rest are bad, button heroes. But he is fine: sitting in another casino, losing money.

“Koklyaev got into my conflict with Kharitonov. I said, “Who are you anyway? Sit in silence, eat khinkali”

Kharitonov said that the battle is possible in September. Is that so?

I could be wrong, but it seems that in September I have already signed a fight with Mineev according to the boxing rules. Four rounds of three minutes. Both Mineev and I signed a contract. I’m preparing for it in September.

I am also negotiating with an organization that represents mixed martial arts in Bahrain. We wanted to hold the tournament in October-November in Crocus City, but now it is questionable. They choose the site. Maybe they will spend in Bahrain or choose a place in Europe.

It turns out that I cannot until the end of this year, because I have three fights beforehand. Even if I don’t manage to organize a third fight, I will have a wonderful time to prepare especially for Kharitonov.

After the fight with Koklyaev, there was talk about your departure from real sports to show business. Are the upcoming fights a return?

I didn’t go anywhere. One edition will print a “sensation”, and the rest will rewrite, we will not check the information. 80% of what is written about me on the Internet is gossip and rumors. I even sued one edition. But they are registered in a certain area, and their judges are paid very large salaries.

My very good lawyer came, he was an adviser to the president. Not Russia, but republics, but I won’t say which one. Students came from the company: hee hee, ha ha. They sit, hold on to the handles, whisper about something. The interns who were sent to attend. The judge closed the case without even opening it in five minutes.

And you decided to reply on social networks.

I had to register on Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook so that I could resist the press. As soon as the social networks were verified, that’s it. The dirt about Emelianenko was gone. No one writes anything, does not invent anything, because everyone can see that every day I am in the gym in full view.

Returning to Koklyaev: don’t you argue that this is a different level in relation to the fighters?

It turned out like this with him: he intervened in the conflict. It seems, just with Kharitonov. I said to him: “Why are you getting in here? Who are you anyway? I don’t know you, I have never seen you. The strongest person? Sit in silence, eat your khinkali. Why are you running in battles? Bring steamers with planes, unload the wagons. And here you will be quickly sent to “sleep”.

He was bitten. Koklyaev believed that if he lifted a lot, sat down and squeezed out, he would be just as invincible in battles. I simply replied, “If so smart, step into the ring. I will debunk the myth that if strong, then strong in everything. ” Strength needs to be invested somewhere, and not just be a wooden shaft. And so it happened: Koklyaev flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

How will you prepare for the same successful outcome with Kharitonov?

I already got a wonderful shape. My fight with Ismailov was supposed to take place in April, then in June. As a result, everything is postponed every month, and I am constantly at the peak. I live in a gym, I do two workouts every day. I do absolutely all loads: wrestling, boxing, running, and general physical training. I do everything.

I brought the body to the stage that I do not get tired by working in the gym. I can train for a very long time. I feel fatigue only when I lie down to rest and understand: the body is so stressed that it is already afraid of everything. The body is overloaded, but during training I don’t feel it. It turns out two hours of work absolutely without stopping.

There is no danger that the form will fall into the pit after being at its peak for such a long time?

How will she fall? I add – and subtract. There were minor gaps in the training process. If I slow down a little, I start to build up again. As a professional I am able to control. True, it does not always work: it happens that I slow down the load late and there is an overload.

But that’s good. The margin of safety and efficiency is developing. Let me get tired in a week, but I will rest and recover. I’m starting to get ready to fight, and not like most athletes. They come just to check in or to do what the coach says.

And I am my own trainer, promoter, manager, and presenter of social networks. Until you fully understand the matter, do not love it, it will not work. In the training process, I check everything on myself. Now I have entered independent training work with a golden mean.

What has changed after moving to Akhmat?

For you to succeed in the training process, as in any other business, the most important thing is discipline. Moscow is a little blabbering, shaking. Nothing distracts me here: I am clearly focused on work. The league provided me with all the conditions and I am slowly growing.

I have a mode. At eight in the morning I woke up and had breakfast. At 10 – the first workout. After her I had lunch – I have a quiet hour. I slept, and at 17 o’clock evening training. Then dinner and free time before bed. I am fully focused on the training process.

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