Alexander Emelianenko in an exclusive interview with VseProSport looked into the future, telling how his fight with Magomed Ismailov would go.

Russian sports are coming out of hibernation. And if, for example, football players are already in full swing on the fields, then the masters of mixed martial arts are forced to fly to “Boytsovsky Island” in order to prove themselves.

However, this Friday, July 24th, in Sochi there will be a loud fight between Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov. The fight was planned to be held back in April, but plans were disrupted.

Correspondent of VseProSport Daniil Borozdin spoke exclusively with the favorite of the confrontation Alexander Emelianenko. The fighter took apart the opponent and told about his preparation for the fight, his condition and future plans.

What are Ismailov’s strengths and weaknesses?

I don’t see any strengths. He has only weaknesses. He is weak in absolutely everything. As a wrestler, the Magician simply throws himself at his feet from afar and transfers him to the ground.

Ismailov is active in the first minutes of the battle, then his activity begins to subside. He is motionless, works at full stop. I am a high-speed fighter, physically developed, functionally prepared. It will be difficult for him to keep a high pace, it will not last long.

Ismailov gained extra weight: he was not ready, weighing 84 kg, but now, I heard, he has all 96 in him. That is, the Magician threw about 12 more kg. Hang that much on yourself and try to be like that all day. It will be very hard and exhausting.

A beautiful battle awaits us?

Ismailov says that he is not going to win, but to show the show, keeping the thought: “What if you get lucky?” Of course, there are exceptions everywhere, but you shouldn’t go into battle with this attitude.

I never put on a show. Like any fighter, I try to finish the fight ahead of schedule: by knockout, painful or chokehold. Don’t expect any show from me at all. I’m going to hit a lot and send him to sleep.

When communicating with soldiers, I heard the phrase a million times that everyone has a chance. Ismailov’s too? Or is this the only case when there is no chance?

It’s still heavy weight. Any blow can be knockout. It happened many times when a fighter, inferior to his opponent in everything, throws his hand clumsily, out of the ass, and it clearly lies exactly in those places that are knocked out. But Ismailov has one chance in a hundred to do it.

Let’s predict how your battle will play out.

Ismailov will back away, stand on the full sole of his hind leg. In the first minutes, he will wave his side kicks from under the ass and throw himself at my feet. The magician will try to transfer me to the ground.

I’m going to beat him. In mixed martial arts I am not a supporter of wrestling, although I am a fighter myself. Because the viewer does not like this fuss, he loves a good, spectacular fight. Striking technique is more appreciated. However, I will beat Ismailov both on the ground and in the standing position. Break, choke and tear apart.

Is the difference in weight an important factor?

If I was an artificial heavyweight, this could play a role. And so I surpass Ismailov even in speed, so the difference in weight is not important. I ran more than him, boxed, wrestled, did exercises. I have more experience, better hit.

Ismailov is inferior to me both physically and technically in striking and wrestling techniques. In all aspects, he loses to me. I am a natural heavyweight and he is artificial. This is just a fan of sitting at the table and eating.

After the fight with Ismailov this year you will have two boxing matches and, possibly, a tournament organized by the organizers from Qatar. Will the body not be hard?

No. I do two workouts a day, my whole life in the ring. I am ready to perform: I have gained an excellent form, both functional, physical and technical.

I would like to have the same productivity next year. I have been waiting for the fight with Ismailov, I have been waiting for almost six months. I was supposed to fight back in April, but every month the fight is postponed. I am ready to continue to endure, perform, work, but everything will depend on the conditions of the tournament.

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