The long-awaited fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is not destined to be, at least not in the near future. Instead, the Russian will have a duel with Justin Gaethje, who honestly deserves to enter the octagon with the reigning lightweight champion of the world. Bookmakers have already assessed the chances of both fighters, and we, in turn, suggest that you familiarize yourself with the odds and main bets on this event.

At the moment, Nurmagomedov has 28 victories and an impressive streak, in which he plans to end his career and not lose a single time. Gajee already has two defeats in his track record, but has won 22 victories and completed the last four fights ahead of schedule. Of course, it has not become a secret for anyone that the favorite of this confrontation is Eagle, whose victory in BC 1xBet is offered with a coefficient of 1.41 , and for a challenger for the title of champion – 2.93 . To other options, for example, methods of the outcome of the battle or total rounds.

So far, Nurmagomedov is hardly concerned about the fight, since his father, coach, Abdulmanap, is in a hospital in serious condition. As Gatji himself said: “This fight is the last thing Khabib thinks about.” Let’s hope that the situation will improve soon and Oryol will start intensive training.

Why are the odds for a fight exactly like this?

What are such coefficients from? Firstly, the Russian never entered the cage in the UFC as an outsider in bookmaker quotes. Secondly, these are his skills on the ground, which so far no best wrestler in the world can handle.

Also note that Justin is a basic drummer who has nothing to offer his opponent in the fight. The most he can do in such a short period of time is to tighten up his defense against takedowns, but, as we know, the actions of the Eagle in the cage are multifaceted, and sooner or later Gatji will end up on the canvas.

Justin Gaethje

Highlight has celebrated success with a submission only once in its entire career. This rare incident happened in a meeting with Sam Young back in 2012, when he was still performing under the auspices of the RITC. True, despite the lack of proper training in grappling, the fighter has an incredibly powerful blow, thanks to which he knocked out opponents 19 times.

Recently, Tony Ferguson himself felt it in action, who lasted almost five rounds, and as a result went to the hospital with huge hematomas. Thus, the only chance of victory in the upcoming fight for Justin is a knockout, in any other case he will definitely be defeated.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib’s plan is very clear, because he, for his part, will try to carry out a takedown from the first seconds. Then the Russian will start to gradually “wear down” his counterpart, in the end, forcing him to make a mistake or beating him on points. The fighter’s tactics were clearly visible in recent meetings with top rivals and, adhering to the plan, Nurmagomedov took the victory for himself without any problems.

Usually, all his competitors lose concentration closer to the third round, because they simply do not have the strength to continue the confrontation. It should also be emphasized that the Eagle himself has incredible stamina and is ready to fight throughout all rounds as if he had just entered the cage.

It is likely that this fight will not turn out so easy for the Russian athlete, because as soon as Nurmagomedov “plays up” and loses concentration, Justin will not fail to take advantage of this and deliver an accurate powerful blow, and, perhaps, give out a series, after which Khabib may have problems.

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