In his latest book, Leadership, Sir Alex Ferguson has stepped back from conventional football memoirs to reveal the secrets of his 38-year victories as head coach at Manchester United and Aberdeen. What are his secrets of success, and what bettors can learn from this, you will learn by reading this material.

With 49 top-level trophies in Scottish and English football, Sir Alex Ferguson has made football history as one of the most successful managers of all time. His name represents success, leadership and, of course, victory.

What Sir Alex Ferguson offers his readers in this new book is an inspiring guide filled with lessons that can be applied in any environment where the goal is to win.

So, what can bettors who want to make money learn from Alex Ferguson? We’ve made this summary for you and summarized it in four key lessons.

Victory Obsession

Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t just want to win every match, he was literally obsessed with winning. The famous coach claims to have been “married” to Manchester United for 26 years.

“My wife was ready to accept this sacrifice, she was great. I know that not every wife would do it, obviously, but she understood my obsession, “he admits.

Finish second? No, it was totally unacceptable for a Scotsman.

“At some point in my life, the desire and need to win surpassed my fear of failure. Victory was a matter of honor, ”Ferguson writes.

And what is the result? During his time at Manchester United, the Red Devils finished the season in second place five times, but ended up winning the next season on each of those five occasions. That’s how much Ferguson hated losing.

Let’s see how this can be applied to betting. If you want to make money betting, you must obsessively desire it. But what kind of sane bettor doesn’t want to make money, right? However, just wanting something and being obsessed with it are two completely different things.

Behavioral research shows that most gamblers place their bets for fun, for delighted opinion, or out of boredom; the gain is part of the desired mindset, not a clearly defined goal. Those who are obsessed with making money from betting are more likely to build a winning betting model, apply risk management techniques and related approaches that can lead to consistent returns from betting.

Admitting your mistakes

Despite the fact that Ferguson is entrenched in the image of a tyrant, in his narrative he admits many mistakes of the past: the sale of his own son at Wolverhampton Wanderers, a ferocious cry to Mark McGee, who was too carried away to celebrate the victory of Aberdeen over Madrid Real in 1993 in the Champions Cup, Jaap Stam’s announcement that he was being sold in Lazio, at a gas station. These are just a few examples in the book.

While it’s tempting to think that the recipe for success doesn’t include mistakes, Ferguson makes it clear that it was his mistakes and failures that ultimately taught victory. What does this mean for players who are determined to make money?

It is of undoubted importance to test your strategy and monitor the results. It must be remembered that a profitable model must be constantly maintained over time, and this is only possible if the player does not dwell on the possible mistakes that accompany any progress.

Thinking for the future

One of the issues that Ferguson is very critical of in Leadership is the prevailing tendency of football clubs to frequently replace head coaches.

When he took over the management of Manchester United, Liverpool were the dominant force in English football. Ferguson focused both on the next game and on building the foundation for long-term success. In his attempt to build the strongest team in Europe, he admits that he would rather lose a player than sacrifice the principles that contributed to his long-term vision.

The same applies to bets. If the whole point for you is just to make money this coming weekend, then a possible streak of losing bets will most likely prompt you to make the next bet much larger in order to recover losses. However, if losing bets are viewed as a normal variation on random outcomes, a streak of bad luck will have zero impact on your strategy and therefore on your overall winnings.

Discipline is the key

And one more lesson, but not least: Ferguson attributes his success to discipline. “I have always felt that our victories were an expression of consistent adherence to team discipline,” he writes.

In the book, he admits that his tough approach to players may have cost Manchester United first place in some cases. His famous fights with the likes of David Beckham, Roy Keene and Ruud van Nistelrooy are the most obvious examples of this.

“I put discipline first. It could have cost us several titles, but if I had to repeat some things, I would have done it the same way, “adds the ex-mentor of the Red Devils.

But what does discipline mean in betting? The key to consistently winning bets is the expected value (i.e. how much winning amount we can expect on average per bet).

Since most gamblers measure the value of a bet based on their perception of potential return, we strongly recommend that if you choose to use just one piece of advice from Ferguson’s book, take the importance of discipline in calculating the expected value of your bets first.

However, as with all good advice, the trick is not the knowledge itself, but the implementation. Regardless of whether you decide to apply Sir Alex Ferguson’s advice to your bets or not, you will still find something useful here. One thing is certain: Leadership is a must-have book for all football fans. It is simply impossible not to enjoy the company of an ingenious coach.

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